Report hours or find service opportunities: Impact Volunteer Hours (100,000+ committed service hours to our city)

If you already signed up, we hope that you’ve heard from your agency/organization of choice AND that you’ve been able to get plugged in somewhere. If you haven’t, maybe we can help provide you with a few summertime ideas for making an impact on our community. The majority of these are not faith-based organizations or events. Remember our goal is shine the light of Christ out in the community as we serve in very practical (and FUN) ways. We’d LOVE to hear that these events were blown away by all of the fabulous CedarCreek volunteers :)

1. Special Olympics: needs your help at the Marathon Classic LPGA Tournament. They need help on any number of days & times between July 14-20. Special Olympics helps to staff the concession stands and in turn receives a portion of the profits. This is a major fundraiser for them! Sue Hess is coordinating the volunteers for this event (phone 419-450-0835 or email PLEASE NOTE: you’ll be working the concession stand where among other things, you could be serving & selling beer (Ages 14 on up may volunteer, but an adult is required for each volunteer under 21.) You will NOT be selling hard liquor, but we need you to be aware of that and make the right choice for you! Contact Sue Hess for job descriptions, dates, and times!

2. Marathon Classic Golf Tournament: needs your help! The Special Olympics covers concessions for the tournament, but there are a WIDE range of volunteer jobs separate from that including standard bearers (ages 10+), clubhouse admissions (ages 21+), and leaderboard/thru board (ages 18+). PLEASE NOTE: there is a one time $12 fee that includes an official tournament t-shirt, grounds badge good for the entire week, parking pass, and free food in the volunteer tent!! Heather Warga is the contact person and would be very delighted to find a volunteer job for you! (phone 419-531-3277 or email

3. Dragon Boat Festival: this is a fundraiser for Partners In Education, a local organization who seeks to promote student success through community involvement. Partners In Education puts on the Dragon Boat Festival, a fun & family friendly event, every year on the Maumee River. It takes place on Saturday, July 19th from 9-4 although volunteer opportunities begin as early as the 14th. Here’s a website in case you’d like more info about Partners In Education and the Dragon Boat Festival ( You may view all of the volunteer jobs, dates, and timeframes here as well as register to volunteer: . Fax completed form to (419) 242-2239, mail to Partners In Education, Superior, Toledo, Ohio 43604, or email to:

4. Proclaim FM: We’ve mentioned this project before, but our local Christian radio station, Proclaim FM (102.3 FM) is in need of some work done on their facilities. We’ve recruited a few painters so far, but we need a project leader! Our regular painting project leader is busy down in Findlay right now getting the new campus ready for launch! We don’t have a date set yet, but if this sounds like something you might be interested in, give Ed McCauley a holler ( and he’ll give you more details.

We love knowing you guys are making a difference  for Christ in Northwest Ohio!